Thank you for yesterday's performance and for your team's enthusiasm and clear portrayal of the parables. I am so encouraged that there is indeed a place for creative and well-communicated Christian drama! (Young adult)

It was great! I love the way you've given a fresh and creative slant on familiar messages. (Young adult)

Thank you so much for "Portraits of Grace". The messages were powerful. One moment I was laughing, and the next, I was close to tears. I know for sure the Lord spoke to me afresh through your simple stories. (Older adult)

It was brilliant! Am very encouraged and I'm sure I speak for a lot of the others. (Young adult)

I brought a non-Christian friend who likes to attend plays by Actors Studio and other theatre groups, and she really enjoyed it very much. She commented that the quality and standard was as good as the plays she sees outside the church. Keep up the good work! (Older adult)

This comes to say a big “thank you” to the whole team for making the programme a very meaningful one both to visitors and the church members. The drama is indeed very professionally done and I for one, as an English teacher, haven't had a chance to see something so well done for a long, long time. This speaks not only of the acting but the beautiful language used. Kudos to the team members! May the Lord continue to use your team to touch lives and draw people to God's grace and also bring encouragement to his people. (Older adult)

What a rich and meaningful presentation! May God continue to bless your ministry and add a multitude of souls to his kingdom through you guys. (Pastor)

We are indeed grateful to you and your team for sharing the play with us. This is a powerful ministry God has given you, and I encourage you to keep using your talents for him. (Church elder)

On behalf of the church, thank you again for your ministry over the weekend. I spoke to a number of the members this morning and they commented on how you successfully portrayed the Word of God so simply in drama, not to mention so humorously as well! They also commented that Footstool Players’ standard is very high indeed and are looking forward to next year's production. But more than anything else, the Lord has used you guys to minister to the people and that is what counts in the end. The Word of God has touched their hearts. Praise the Lord for the work that has been done! May God continue to bless your work. (Lay leader)

“Let Go … Let God” was the first time I had seen your wider cast, and I thank God for people like you. Your knowledge of the craft was impeccable. And your faith in the Lord made an added difference. May God – the unseen Star of every show – continue to stay with your team. (Older adult)

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