Footstool Players accepts invitations from any church (regardless of denominational background) or non-church group that is willing to host us and allow us to present our theatrical productions "as is".

Since the team members are not full-timers, we have predetermined periods of the year (our performing "season") where one or more of our productions are available for tour.

Notification of a new season is usually made known via our website and our mailing list, and bookings are accepted on a first-come-first-served basis. (If you are not already on our mailing list, you may request to be included by contacting us at

To place a booking, please contact us at

How much will it cost us?
This is always one of the most difficult questions we ever have to answer! We make every possible effort to ensure our productions are accessible to all. At the same time, while we do not actively solicit funds from anyone, we want to be self-sufficient. None of the team members receive any payment for the work we do, but we do cover all expenses incurred in the course of our productions, eg: travel, production of sets/props, etc.

We are therefore happy to work with any church or group on the basis of a freewill honorarium. And then of course there are the performances that we do without charge simply because it's important to us. Any excess funds received go entirely toward the future enabling and equipping of Footstool Players. Right now we are building funds towards a full set of our own technical (sound/lighting) equipment, currently loaned from various sources.

What logistic requirements are required?
Our props and set are minimalist, which allows us to perform even in rather cramped situations or where there isn't a proper stage per se. Lighting, while used creatively in our productions, is not integral to the material we perform, and can be omitted in less-than-ideal lighting situations where the ability to provide a total blackout is not feasible. Footstool Players has performed in all sorts of scenarios – from homes with the audience seated on the floor, to outdoors next to a swimming pool, to a huge auditorium with an audience of thousands watching via large-screen projection units! Blessed are the flexible, for they shall not be broken!

If we travel more than 2 hours out of the Klang Valley for a night performance, we would request simple accommodation for the night as well as meals for our team, which is usually 6-10 people.

Publicity services
As an optional service, we also produce generic publicity for each of our productions (posters, flyers and JPEG graphics for email invitations), which are available to hosting groups at cost, without obligation. The ability to produce these in bulk allows us to synergise for hosting churches and groups by providing quality publicity material at much lower unit costs. See Past productions for samples of these.

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